Our dedicated services to the nation over the last 82 years.

The Department of the Public Trustee is not just another department. It is a public institution committed to the service of the public which is being modernized in line with the social development requirements of modern day and renders its services with dedication. Winning high regard of the public through the satisfactory performance of our official duties over the last 82 years is the result of our genuine efforts.

The enthusiasm shown in rendering invaluable public service in a productive and efficient manner within a busy schedule is a feature of a service that reaches beyond rules and regulations. Our policy is to achieve the objectives of those individuals who have entrusted their wealth to be managed to their total satisfaction.

The services provides by the department for achieving the objectives of the great persons who have entrusted their entire wealth that they had earned throughout the life time or inherited, can be classified as follows.

  1. Granting medical aid, charity and poor relief
  2. Awarding scholarships
  3. Enhancement of religious activities
  4. Administration of agricultural property
  5. Payment of foreign compensation
  6. Fulfilling the aims of the creators of the Trusts



Raharata Charika


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