1.Services rendered for Spiritual Development

  • Conducting Punyagrama moral values programmes with dhamma school students, parents and the temple as the center point.
  • Conducting various programmes for bhiikkus and Sil Maathas.
  • Implementation of the "Mathata Thitha" Programme to build a society free of narcotics.
  • Providing necessary facilities for the Buddhist monks visiting our country to obtain visa.

2.Services rendered for physical Development

  • Granting financial assistance for the development of Buddhist temples.
  • Construct a conference hall of international level to exchange views for bhikkus and lay groups of local and abroad on Buddhist philosophy.
  • Constructing the "Dutugemunu Pilgrims Rest" for the use of the devotees visiting Nepal to pay homage to Lumbini sacred area.
  • Constructing Rajarata Holiday Resort to provide lodging facilities for state officers who visit for official matters and to pay homage to the historical Anuradhapura sacred area.
  • Promoting and distributing the buddhist Diary and the Temples calleup diary annually for the use of the bhikkus residing in temples.












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