1. How is financial assistance sought for the development activities of Sacred places?
    • A request should be made through the Divisional Secretary of the respective divisional Secretariat.
  2. How is Visa recommendation is granted for a monk to proceed abroad?
    • The application is available and downloadable at the website of Ministry of Buddhasasana. Refer relevant documents to Development Division herewith.
  3. How is recommendation of residential Visa obtained?
    • The relevant documents can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Buddhasasana. Please refer relevant documents to the Development Division herewith.
  4. What is the way of contributing to the Samanera Foster scheme?
    • Please contact on 011-3158872- Buddhasasana Fund
  5. How is financial assistance secured for the temples in remote areas?
    • Please make a request to the department of Buddhist Affairs with the recommendation of Divisional Secretary.
  6. How are Samanera institutes registered?
    • A request should be made to the Buddhasasana Fund with the application of registration.
  7. How is a temple registered as a Sacred area?
    • Please contact on 011-2307693-Division of Sacred area development- Ministry of Buddhasasana
  8. How are Dambadiva Tours (Dambadiva Charikas) registered at the Ministry?
    • A letter of request should be forwarded to the Secretary of the Ministry of Buddhasasana.
  9. How are offering items imported from foreign countries exempted from taxes? (Duty free)
    • A letter of request should be forwarded to the Ministry with the bills of shipment relevant to the articles.