Buddhasasana Fund


Buddhasasana Fund wich was built with a solid fund for the sustenance of Buddhasasana is a statutory institution established and maintained under the Buddasasana Fund Act No.35 of 1990.

For this Fund which was built to protect and foster Buddhasasana a Board of control has been appointed under the Chairmanship of the Hon.Prime Minister for the Administration, Management and to formulate provisions relevant to the Act. This consists of members appointed ex – officio and two members appointed by His Excellency the President.

Buddhasasana Fund

Vision                 -: To create a virtuous Dhamma Society filled with moral values which protects Buddhist principles.

Mision                 -: To take action for the sustenance of Buddhasasana by contributing for spiritual and social development of bhikkus to protect and foster Buddhasasana, and by improving pre – requisite facilities of temples.

Subject Scope     -: While the Buddhasasana Fund has been established under the Buddhasasana Fund Act No.35 of 1990, it is stipulated in the said Act that the Buddhasasana Fund should establish institutions to protect and foster Buddhasasana and to assist in the management of the institutions engaged in protecting and fostering Buddhasasana and also to take action to attend to all other activities associated with or conducive to carry on the functions of the fund.

Administration at the Buddhasasana Fund

A Board of control has been appointed consisting following persons for the Supervision,Management and Administration of the Fund in terms of the Buddhasasana Act No.35 of 1990 enacted by the parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 26th Sept 1990.

  1. His Excellency the President of the Republic or a member of the Cabinet of Ministers nominated by him.
  2. Leader of the Opposition of Parliament or his nominee.
  3. The Minister in charge of the subject of Buddhasasana and appointed under section 45 of the Constitution.
  4. Secretary to the Ministry of the Minister in charge of the subject Buddhasasana.
  5. The public Trustee and
  6. Two other members appointed by His Excellency the President.

Board of Control of the Buddhasasana Fund

  • Chairman of the Board of Control
    • >Hon Minister of Buddhasasana Religious and Cultural Affairs
  • Membership of the Board of Control
    • Ven.Dr.Welamitiyawe Kusaladhamma Nayaka Thero
      Chancellor – University of Kelaniya
      Head of the Pirivena - Vidyalankara Pirivena, Peliyagoda.
    • Ven.Athuraliye Rathana Thero
      Hon.Member of Parliament
    • Representative of the Hon.Leader of the Opposition.
    • Secretary, Ministry of Buddhasasana
    • The Public Trustee of Sri Lanka.

The office the staff of the Buddhasasana Fund functions at No.115, Wijerathna Mawatha, Colombo 07 under a Secretary. An Accountant, 05 Development officers and a officers of the Public Mangement Assistants Service have been assigned as supporting staff out of the staff of the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religious Affairs to attend to the duties of the Buddhasasana Fund.

Activities of the Buddhasasana Fund

In conjunction with the activities stipulated in the Buddhasasana Act No.35 of 1990 such as.

  • To protect Buddhasasana and foster Buddhasasana
  • Collecting Fund and generating funds
  • Accepting aid and funds received for the Fund from local and foreign sources.
  • Issuing a certificate equivalent to the amount donated to a temple from the Buddhasasana Fund for the purpose of getting exemption from income tax
  • Printing of Dhamma books to uplift Buddhasasana.

The following services are being rendered to the Sasana from the Buddhasasana Fund for the benefit of Buddhasasana and sustenance at Buddhasasana.

  • Granting financial assistance monthly to Samanera institutions.
  • Conducting exams at the end of the year for samaneras of samanera institutions.
  • Granting special bursaries to samaneras.
  • Improvements to basic facilities of temples and Sil Matha Aramas of North and East Provinces.
  • A programme to introduce foster institutions to fulfill physical requirements and to assit in religious activities of temples with less facilities located islandwide.
  • A programme to apprise the rituals of clergy and basic knowledge of Dhamma to monks who ordained themselves at their elderly age.
  • Attended to basic action to implement a medical assistance scheme to Upasampada bhikkus.

Origins of Financial Sources of the Buddhasasana Fund

While action is being taken by the Buddhasasana Fund to collect and generate funds for Buddhasasana activities following all funds are being contributed to improve the financial strength at the Fund in accordance with the provisions of the Act No.35 of 1990.

  1. Contributions of local donors towards the Fund.
  2. Capital contributions by state institutions or from the state consolidated Fund.
  3. Special donaetions to the Fund from foreign states and donors
  4. Interest accrued from the investments of the Fund.

Sale of Dhamma Publications

  • Dhamma Publisations available for sale.
    • Pali Tika Publication II
      1. Deeganikaya Tika (Seelakkanda wagga)
      2. Deeganikaya Tika (Maha wagga)
      3. Deeganikaya Tika (Pathika wagga)
      4. Majjimanikaya Mula Pannasaka Tika – part I
      5. Majjimanikaya Mula Pannasaka Tika – part II
      6. Majjimanikaya Majjima Pannasaka Tika
      7. Majjimanikaya Upari Pannasaka Tika
      8. Sanyukthanikaya Tika (Sagatha Wagga)
      9. Anguththaranikaya Katha Tika known as Manorathapurani
      10. Abhidhammaththa Vibhavani Tika
      11. Visuddhimagga Tika
  • Publication titled 2600 years of Buddhasasana
    Anthology of essays written on Buddha Dhamma by intellectuals of local and abroad consisting 600 pages - a collection of classical essays.
  • Pali Atta katha and other Dhamma Publications
    Could be purchased within office hours from the office of the Buddhasasana Fund.
  • Buddha Jayanthi Commemorative Coins
    Buddha Jayanthi gift coins issued to mark 2600th Buddha Jayanthi Commemoration.
  • It is expected to present a Buddha Jayanthi gift coin from the hands of the Hon. Minister of Buddhasasana to donors who contribute more than Rs.200,000/= to the Buddhasasana Fund.
  • Receiving funds and donation from the people for sustenance and uplift Sambuddhasasana.
    Buddhasasana Fund can accept any donations received from any local or foreign source in cash, movable or immovable properties to protect, foster and uplift the Buddhasasana.

Buddhist Activities implemented by the Buddhasasana Fund at present

  • Grantins assistance to Samanera institutions.
  • Granting bursaries to samaneras
  • Development of temples facing difficulties and providing pre - requisite facilities
  • Make arrangments to pay homage to Dambadiva to bhikkus of over 60 years of age who have not visited Dambadiva
  • Granting medical assistance to bhikkus
  • Conducting programmes of guidance to samanera bhikkus to achieve knowledge of Dhamma
  • Take action to enhouce the knowledge of Dhamma of the people to uplift Buddhasasana.

Donation in cash may be credited to the Buddhasasana Fund Account No. 51002 of the Sir Lanka Central Bank or to A/C No.0075734470 of Torrington Branch, Bank of Ceylon, Colombo 07.

Obtaining Assistance of donors - foster institutions scheme for temples facing difficulties islandwide.

  • Any institution or person could select a temple facing difficulties out of more than 1500 such temples registered at the Buddhasasana Fund office from all provinces of Sri Lanka and register themselves as a foster institution / person and contribute towards uplifting Sasana.
  • An official receipt and a certificate will be issued for funds donated and it could be produced to get tax concession from the Government.

All donations made to the Buddhasasana Fund in cash or, in other from are exempled from income tax in terms of Section 17 of Buddhasasana Fund Act No.35 of 1990 and para (b) of sub – section (2) of Section 31 of the Inland Revenue Act No.28 of 1979.

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