History of the Ministry

A Ministry was established on 16, June 1988 for the first time relevant the same activities when Department of Buddhist Affairs has been functioning in order to promote Buddhism and Buddhist activities in Sri Lanka.

The Ministry which was established has been designated and redesignated as Ministry of Buddhasasana, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Moral upliftment respectively and in first instance. It was confined for Buddhist affairs and Subsequently. It was established for the promotion of all other religions in SriLanka.

Ministry of Buddhasasana and Religious Affairs was declared by gazzette notification (extra ordinary) dated 30 April, 2010 and with the purview of the Ministry, Department of Buddhist Affairs, Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs and Department of Public trustee in Sri Lanka are in progress. On later occasion, Ministry has been entrusted with activities of sacred area planning and development and other activities of above mentioned departments came under the purview of the Ministry by a gazzette notification (extra-ordinary) dated 30, November, 2010.

Accordingly, particular tasks entrusted to this Ministry could be introduced as formulation of policies programmes and projects in order to enhance religious values for building up a virtuous society and implementation of suitable programmes and projects in order to protect and foster Buddhism as per provisions prescribed in article 09 by safeguarding rights of all religions vested in article 10 and 14 (i) (e) as stipulated in the constitution.

Thenafter the Ministry of Buddhasasana was re-established by Extraordinary Gazette Notification of 18.01.2015. Only the Department of Buddhist Affairs was brought under this Ministry and other Departments applicable to other religions were removed from this Ministry of Buddhasasana was re-established by extraordinary Gazette Notification to 21.09.2015

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