Ministry of Buddha Sasana ,Cultural and Religious Affairs

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To assure the confidence reposed in the Public Trustee by the generous establishers and fulfill the objectives of the beneficiaries.

Our Mission

Administration of trusts and estates of deceased persons entrusted to the department, to the best of the ability and provide related services to the satisfaction of all concerned including the beneficiaries of trusts and estates.


  1. Other services under section 05 of the Public Trustee Ordinance
    1. Trustee or on agreed trustee
    2. Safety trustee for an under aged
    3. A manager to the property of  a mentally retarded
    4. Agreed manager for immovable property
    5. To act on power of attorney for an expatriate Sri Lankan
    6. As a guardian or as a friend under civil judiciary
    7. As an administrator for a person without a last-will
    8. As a collector of property on the orders of the judiciary
    9. Administrator of the property who is serving a term of imprisonment
    10. As a guardian to safeguard the last-will of any person
    11. As an audit investigator of a private trust
  2. Under clause 10 (a) of the Ordinance
    1. Distribute compensation other benefits to the beneficiaries who will die while serving in abroad
  3. Execution of enemy property under the Charter 05.02.1948
  4. Implementation of Buddhist Temporalities No.28 (compensation) of 1944
  5. Implementation executing testamentary cases under the Chapter xxxviii Of the civil code
  6. Implementation of the Associated News Papers Company Ordinance No.28 of 1973

Legal Background

Constitutional Power had been received to Public Trustee Department, which was excite on 22 November 1930 by the Public Trustee Ordinance no. 41 of 1983 and Ordinance No.09 of 1917 (amended by Ordinance No.0f 1934 and Ordinance No. of 1918)


Our dedicated services to the nation over the last 82 years.

The Department of the Public Trustee is not just another department. It is a public institution committed to the service of the public which is being modernized in line with the social development requirements of modern day and renders its services with dedication. Winning high regard of the public through the satisfactory performance of our official duties over the last 82 years is the result of our genuine efforts.

The enthusiasm shown in rendering invaluable public service in a productive and efficient manner within a busy schedule is a feature of a service that reaches beyond rules and regulations. Our policy is to achieve the objectives of those individuals who have entrusted their wealth to be managed to their total satisfaction.

The services provides by the department for achieving the objectives of the great persons who have entrusted their entire wealth that they had earned throughout the life time or inherited, can be classified as follows.

  1. Granting medical aid, charity and poor relief
  2. Awarding scholarships
  3. Enhancement of religious activities
  4. Administration of agricultural property
  5. Payment of foreign compensation
  6. Fulfilling the aims of the creators of the Trusts



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