Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Wayamba Development

"We warmly and repectfully welcome all of you who enter the new official website of the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Wayamba Development."


  1. Preservation fostering and promoting Theravada Buddhism
  2. Preservation of Sangika Property and Oraganise same for the wellbeing of the sammasambuddhasasana
  3. To create a just society with Buddhist Moral ethics
  4. Peaceful co-existence as earlier with the ideologies of other religious and foster and promote same according to present day requirements
  5. To preserve foster and develop Buddhist literature arts and crafts
  6. To guide and direct Buddhist community to build up a Buddhist economy in line with the present day technology

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"To Create a Society adhering of Buddhist Principal"

Our Mission

"Mission to formulate,organize and implement programme for the prosperity of Buddhism and thereby creating a society for the local and international Buddhist community for betterment to realize model Buddhist Society"

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Designation Name Telephone Number
Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs
(S.L.A.S. Special Class)
Mr.Nimal Kotawelagedhara 0112337350 / 0727493048
Commissioner of Buddhist Affairs (Damma School)
(S. L.A.S. Class - I)
Mrs.H.N. Kumari 0112337334 / 0714477050
Commissioner of Buddhist Affairs (Kandy)
(S.L.A.S. Class - I)
Mr.D.M. Parakrama Jayawardhana 0812225152 / 071-8403979
Chief Accountant
(S.L. Ac. S. Class - III)
Mr.K.S.P.Perera 0112 337323 / 0773454635
Chief Internal Auditor Mr.G.Chandrasena 0113443414 / 0714446432
Assistant Commissioner Mrs.K.S.A.D.J.Vijayawardana 0112337335 /0718215808
Deputy Commissioner (Acting) (Buddhist Temporalities)
(S.L.A.S. Class - IIIi)
Mr.R. M. N. K. S. Kanchana 0112337335 / 0714429714
Assistant Commissioner (Development)
(S.L.A.S. Class - III)
 Mr.R. M. N. K. S. Kanchana 0112337341 / 0773470350
Assistant Commissioner (Administration)
(S.L.A.S. Class - III)
Mr.K.D. S.K. Kuruppu 0112337317 / 0718514075
Assistant Commissioner (Rathnapura) Mrs.K.M.K.K.Kulathunga 0112307404 /0774832310
Accountant Mr.L.D.P.Pranandu 0112302095 /0718069968
Administrative Officer
(Public Management Assistant Service - Super Grade)
Mrs.C.N.Jayaweera 0112337326
Legal Officer Mrs.P.S.W.Hewage 0112302095 /0717632514



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